Here is what people are saying about the RBC PGA Scramble.


The RBC National Finals at Cabot Cape Breton is a tournament you WANT TO PLAY IN. The world class courses (links / cliffs), paired with world class accommodations and east coast hospitality along with the unique team format makes this a truly unforgettable experience . With outstanding sponsorship from Adidas, Golf Canada, RBC Avion, and Bet Regal we were outfitted for anything Mother Nature could throw at us, as well as some great take home memorabilia. (2022)

Words cannot express my gratitude towards the PGA of Canada and RBC for the experience I had this summer. I will be telling these stories and memories for a life time. From the qualifying rounds to the grand finale at Cabot, the organizing and professionalism was over the top. The hard work behind the scenes to make a bunch of amateurs feel like Professional Golfers is outstanding. My family, my friends, my coworkers are so blown away and proud of what we have accomplished this summer. You truly have changed my life. You made it possible for me to spend the golf trip of a life time with my best friend. We will never forget this. Thank you so very much. (2021)

It is hard to put into words what this experience meant to our team. It truly was the trip of a lifetime. From the minute we pulled into Cabot, to the waves goodbye, we felt like celebrities. The hospitality we received from the Cabot Links Resort was second to none. Such a beautiful place, from the hotel, to the restaurants, and obviously to the course. I can say it is hands down the nicest 36 holes of golf I have ever played. As for the sponsors, I couldn’t have been more impressed. The Lincoln cocktail receptions, RBC dinners, and Glenlivet tasting experience were all amazing. I will admit after reading reviews from previous years my expectations were quite high, but they were exceeded. I can certainly say our goal is to come back to this event some day, and its going to be a long wait until the first local qualifier in the spring! (2019)

The event was 100x better than I imagined it could be. The service and hospitality from the PGA, sponsors and especially the Cabot staff was unrivaled. Everything was taken care of, all we had to do was check in for our flight. I imagine it’s how a tour pro feels when traveling the world. Show up at the airport, then the hotel, all taken care of. My four teammates were not from my golf course, they were public players who participated in another local qualifier, and I volunteered to play with them at the Regional Final. I never met them until the morning of the Banff qualifier. They are four of the best people I’ve ever met. Three of them are originally from Nova Scotia, so it was my mission to help them get back home for the National Final. I now have four great friends as a result of this tournament and got to experience two spectacular golf courses and a part of the country I had no idea was so beautiful. Thanks again to the PGA, the sponsors, and of course Cabot. (2018)

This was an amazing experience from the very first day in May when our PGA Professional mentioned it to us. Our PGA Professional golfed approximately 3-4 holes with us on a Saturday afternoon and was telling us about the RBC Scramble. We immediately started planning our team and the RBC Scramble was focus for the golf season. Every longer putt we made through the whole summer was referred to as the “RBC putt”. And the excitement grew as each event approached. We were thrilled to have advanced to Wildfire and ecstatic when we earned the opportunity to go to Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs. Indeed a “someday” experience! And the excitement wasn’t just for us but also for members at our club and even our non-golfing friends as they shared the anticipation with us. A few specific highlights include:

The greeting at the moment the bus arrived at Cabot to the waves of good-bye as we departed. To the exceptional golf experience. Cabot was amazing, the views spectacular, the environment challenging and an incredible learning experience. I learned so much about golfing in different experiences, I learned alot about putting!— what a wonderful experience to golf four rounds of golf (Wildfire and Cabot) with a couple of excellent golfers and in particular our PGA of Canada Professional — in a competitive environment. So very appreciative of the grass-roots focus and that the opportunity wasn’t targeted just at the exceptional golfers. I loved the fact of a limit of two scratch golfers and a minimum handicap for the team. The receptions and banquets were delightful and exceeded all expectations. The approach-ability of the staff at Cabot, the PGA representatives and most especially the RBC and Lincoln representatives. They were always encouraging and willing to chat. It was a competition but also a collaborative, encouraging environment to promote sportsmanship and golf. Words cannot express how amazing the RBC PGA Scramble has been and I am excited to see it grow (even if that means it will make it more difficult to qualify next year).

Thank you again for an incredible and inspiring experience. (2017)