Champions Bios

2018 CHAMPIONS – Team Fox Meadow, PEI – (from left to right):

  • SHANE HOGAN – 8.0 handicap, member at Fox Meadow, retired in June of 2017, four children, three grandchildren, loves playing golf in his spare time.
  • CODY DOYLE – 2.9 handicap, member at Fox Meadow, full-time electrician, when he’s not working he’s at the golf course, has been golfing since he was 4 years of age.
  • JAMIE DOYLE – 15.7 handicap, member at Fox Meadow, entrepreneur, when he’s not working or golfing he’s enjoying time with his children.
  • BRADLEY JENKINS – Professional – Candidate for Membership with the PGA of Canada, employed at Fox Meadow Golf Club, doesn’t know where he’d be without the game of golf.
  • JERRY HUGHES – 11.0 handicap, member of Fox Meadow, works for PEI liquor commission, loves curling in the winter, and is a volunteer firefighter.

2017 CHAMPIONS – Team Cordova Bay, BC – (from left to right):

  • ERIC WATSON – 12.8 handicap, member at Uplands Golf Club, a mechanical engineer by trade, entrepreneur on the side, his spare time is spent with friends, family, and being outdoors.
  • PHIL KONDRAK – 0.4 handicap, member at Gorge Vale Golf Club, works for the City of Victoria, married to wife Sarah, in his spare time he loves golf and traveling.
  • ERIC SMITH – 1.6 handicap, member at Cordova Bay Golf Club, realtor in Victoria, father of two (Jack & Gemma), spends his spare time with family and golfs as much as possible.
  • NATE OLLIS – Professional – Candidate for Membership with the PGA of Canada, employed at Cordova Bay Golf Club.
  • ROD WEBBER – 18.5 handicap, owns a jewellery store in Surrey, father of two.

2016 CHAMPIONS – Team Angus Glen, ON – (from left to right):

Patrick O’Leary, Terry Kim (PGA), David Fotheringham, Dan Mesley and Mike Asselin.