The RBC PGA Scramble is designed to be an enjoyable experience for all participants. In an effort to ensure a fun and equitable experience for all, the RBC PGA Scramble will be conducted as strictly as possible under the Golf Canada Rules of Golf and any Local Rules put in place by the PGA of Canada.

Below is a summary of the RBC PGA Scramble Event Rules, Policies & Eligibility. For a full list of the RBC PGA Scramble Rules, Policies & Eligibility click here. For What is a Handicap Click Here.


The RBC PGA Scramble Local Qualifiers are played under the typical scramble format, with teams of four amateurs:

  • All team members tee off each hole
  • The team chooses the shot that gives them the best opportunity
  • This process continues up until the ball is on the putting green, and all four players have the opportunity to sink the putt
  • Each team member has an opportunity to make the first putt, if everyone misses, the next putt is conceded for a maximum two-putt per hole (this rule applies at the LOCAL LEVEL ONLY)
  • Each team member’s tee shot must be used at least three (3) times per round and identified on the scorecard

The RBC PGA Scramble Regional and National Finals is a five-person team, elimination scramble format:

  • All team members tee off each hole
  • The team chooses the shot they are going to use
  • The golfer whose shot is taken is eliminated from participating in the next shot
  • A player is only eliminated for the one-shot following his/her selected shot
  • This process continues up until the ball is on the putting green, and then all five players have the opportunity to sink each putt
  • All five players tee off the next hole and the elimination process begins again until the ball is played from the putting green
  • Each team member’s tee shot must be used at least three (3) times per round
  • The eliminated player cannot take a practice shot during the time they are eliminated
  • Elimination Scramble Instruction Sheet will be provided at each event

Age Requirements

All participants must be 19 years of age or older.

Handicap Requirements

All players must use their CURRENT Golf Canada Handicap Index as of the entry closing date of the Local Qualifier to determine the Playing Handicap for that day’s competition. What is a Handicap Index.

The Handicap Index that a player competes with at a local qualifier will act as the ceiling as that player advances through the following stages of the RBC Scramble. Handicap Indexes that decrease between qualifying stages will be used at their current status.

NOTE: Players who are not members of Golf Canada will be required to obtain a Membership through Golf Canada at After posting three 18-hole scores (or equivalent)  the Membership will provide an official Golf Canada Handicap Index. Only official Golf Canada Handicap Indexes will be accepted at all stages of the competition.

The maximum Golf Canada Handicap Index is 54.0 for both males and females.

The four team members’ aggregate Golf Canada Handicap Indexes must be a minimum of 32.0 and a maximum of 112.0 (including mixed-gender teams).

A maximum of two single figure Handicap Index (9.9 or less) players based on an individual’s Golf Canada Handicap Indexes are allowed on each team at the Local Qualifier (PGA of Canada professionals are not included). Should a player’s Handicap Index drop below 10.0 following a Local Qualifier, that team will still be eligible if they qualified.

For example:
8.7 + 11.1 + 1.4 + 10.2 = 31.4 (ineligible, team aggregate Golf Canada Handicap Index is lower than 32.0)
13.5 + 12.7 + 8.3 + 2.4 = 36.9 (eligible)
2.3 + 11.7 +25.3 + 27.2 = 66.5 (eligible)
1.3 + 5.7 + 9.9 + 28.7 = 45.6 (ineligible, team consisting of more than two single-digit handicaps)
5.6 + 31.4 + 34.8 + 40.4 female = 112.2 (ineligible, team aggregate Golf Canada Handicap Index must not exceed 112.0)

To determine the net score on the day of the competition, team members’ Golf Canada Handicap Indexes are converted to Playing Handicaps. As of 2020, the Playing Handicaps are derived by converting individual Handicap Indexes to a Course Handicap (using par, Course and Slope Ratings) and then applying the applicable handicap
allowance. The aggregate team Playing Handicap is then subtracted from the team’s score for the final net score. For example:

Team Handicap Indexes = Player 1 – 1.3, Player 2 – 7.8, Player 3 – 12.5, Player 4 – 20.9

Course Rating = 71.2
Slope Rating = 123
Par = 72

Player 1 Course Handicap = 1.3 x (123/113) + (71.2-72) = 0.615…
Player 2 Course Handicap = 7.8 x (123/113) + (71.2-72) = 7.690…
Player 3 Course Handicap = 12.5 x (123/113) + (71.2-72) = 12.806…
Player 4 Course Handicap = 20.9 x (123/113) + (71.2-72) = 21.949…

Under the World Handicap System, the recommended allowance for four-person scrambles is 25% of the lowest Course Handicap, 20% of the next lowest Course Handicap, 15% of the next lowest, and 10% of the highest Course Handicap. Therefore, the team Playing Handicap for this example would be:

Team Playing Handicap = 25% of 0.615… + 20% of 7.690… + 15% of 12.806… + 10% of 21.949… = 5.8

Each team’s playing handicap will be adjusted by 75%

Therefore, the team’s playing handicap will be 4.4.

Note: All competitors are to use the par and Course and Slope Ratings from their respective tees to determine their Course Handicap.

The team’s aggregate Golf Canada Handicap Index established at the Local Event is the base aggregate handicap for the Championship.

Regional Finals

A team member may be substituted if he/she is unable to play in the next level of competition. Prior to the next stage of the competition, the team must submit, in writing, their request for the substitution to the PGA of Canada. The letter must reference whether the substitute will accompany the team to the following stage of the RBC PGA Scramble should they be successful, or whether the original member from the Local Qualifier will return to the team for the final level of competition. If written notification is not submitted prior to the next stage it will be the right of the substitute player to proceed to the next stage of the competition.

The current Golf Canada Handicap Index of a substituting amateur must be equal to or up to a maximum of five (5.0) strokes higher than the approved Golf Canada Handicap Index (the handicap that was in effect when the team played at the Local Qualifier) of the original team member. Substituting a player with a lower Golf Canada Handicap Index is not permitted.

Only two (2) substitutions will be allowed for the duration of the tournament (Note: these two substitutions cannot occur at the same stage of the tournament e.g. the substitution of a Local Qualifier player for a Regional Final and a further substitution following a Regional Final for the team’s qualification for the RBC PGA Scramble National Final is acceptable – the substitution of two Local Qualifier players for a Regional Final is not permitted). More than two substitutions over the duration of the tournament will not be allowed, as the team will no longer have the identity of the team that played at the Local Qualifier. If a team is unable to participate within this rule the next placed team from the previous level will advance in their place.

Females can be substituted by a male (and vice versa) providing that all Golf Canada Handicap Index requirements are met.

At its discretion, the PGA of Canada reserves the right to disallow a substitution of a team member when it is apparent that the substitution is being made to improve the team’s chances of winning and/or not to replace a team member who is unable to play in the next level of competition.

Volunteer Scorers at the Regional Final

The PGA of Canada takes the integrity of scoring very seriously and the implementation of volunteer scorers with each group has helped to ensure that. Each team will be responsible for supplying a volunteer scorer for the Regional Final that they have qualified for. That volunteer will be assigned to ride along with the PGA of Canada professional from another team (usually in the group in front or behind the team that they came with) and keep track of the strokes taken for 18 holes.

Special Rules

If a team is disqualified for a rules violation, no entry fees will be refunded.

If a team cannot participate in the next level of play, their entry fee (for that next level) will be refunded providing the PGA of Canada is given 7 days’ notice prior to the event.

A team is not eligible to compete for prizes or Regional Final qualification at a Local Qualifier with only 3 players as the team has not met the requirements to enter the RBC PGA Scramble.

A team may play with one team member missing at the Regional Final and/or the RBC PGA Scramble National Final. The three tee shot rule will be limited to the remaining team members and the team’s aggregate Course Handicap will also remain divisible by 10. If a team member should join during play, the three tee shot rule would apply to the holes remaining. An absent partner may join the team between holes, but not during play of the hole. Should a team play the entire round with less than four amateur team members, normal handicapping rules will apply in regards to the Regional and/or National Final. No allowance or concession is provided in this regard.

Use of Information

All participants in RBC PGA Scramble Local Events should be aware that by entering into the RBC PGA Scramble Local Event and completing the relevant RBC PGA Scramble entry forms, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information, as provided to the PGA of Canada in those entry forms, in accordance with the PGA of Canada’s privacy policy.

For more general inquiries, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada oversees the administration of privacy legislation in the private sector. The Commissioner also acts as an ombudsman for privacy disputes. For more information, you can visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada website at