The Experience

Here is what people are saying about the RBC PGA Scramble.

There are just not enough ways for me to express my gratitude to the PGA of Canada, to RBC, to The Lincoln Motor Company, and to the management and staff of Cabot Links for this golf trip of a lifetime.  We were treated like royalty and made to feel right at home from the time we arrived to the closing gala awards diner. The golf and facilities at Cabot are world class and our sponsors spared no expense to ensure that our experience was first class.  I was particularly taken with the genuine enthusiasm that was demonstrated from all of the people who were at Cabot to represent these sponsors and to ensure that all of our needs were met and surpassed.  Thanks to all.

The experience our team had was even more than we hoped for. We were treated like royalty and/or pros at every opportunity. Every small detail was looked after: free swag, prizes, excellent food (I’m in lobster withdrawal right now) and wine, gorgeous accommodations, extremely welcoming and hospitable staff (Cabot, PGA, RBC and Lincoln), and most certainly not least – the golf. And as one of the only four women in the scramble, I am pleased to say I was given fair, respectful and equitable treatment at all times, by everyone – please pass this on to all the sponsors.

You can be sure we’ll go back to our home course and encourage everyone there to participate in the next qualifier to get the chance to enjoy the same type of experience we did – but with the strong warning that we will be defending our title! Our closing field day tournament is this Saturday and we will proudly wear our shirts bearing the logo ‘RBC Scramble presented by the Lincoln Motor Co’; pictures will be posted on social media.

I am deeply, deeply grateful for my time at Cabot. Many, many thanks to all of the sponsors!

I just wanted to send an email to congratulate you and your team on running an amazing golf experience for myself and our team, and am sure for everyone else there. Now I know from running previous tournaments, these sorts of events do not happen without a lot happening behind the scenes. And for this you and your team should commended. Also, without the sponsors, these things never take shape. I would like to personally thank all the sponsors involved. They put forward the effort that made us all feel like we were professional golfers while at Cabot. The whole event was First Class from arrival to departure. Again, thank you to everyone involved who made us amateur golfers feel like we were on tour for 5 days and even without the private jets.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to RBC and Lincoln Motor Company for such a incredible experience that this whole RBC PGA Scramble has been.

You were right when you said this was a “trip of a lifetime”  I felt like I won the lottery.  I was one of the five women at the scramble.  I’m a average women golfer and to compete in such a male dominant environment was a little intimidating.  As soon as we arrived at Cabot, I never felt for a moment I wasn’t welcome there.  Right from the greeting that we received when we stepped off the bus.  Shaking our hands and congratulating us and welcoming us to Cabot Links.  Wow, did that make me feel special.  Getting into our beautiful room and seeing gifts from the sponsors on the bed.  I was lucky enough to have won two signed flags (which I will have framed). I formed some new friendships at the Opening and Closing parties, it was wonderful to hear how other people had qualified and I got to talk to the other women about their experience there.

I have food allergies which is always a concern when dining out.  The staff at the Cabot Links were so gracious in accommodating my dietary needs. The staff at the Cabot Links and the Caddies were top notch.

The golf courses were something I have never experienced before, I am still looking at all the pictures I took and remembering some of the golf shots….

Thanks again to everyone for such a memorable experience.

This trip was a check off the bucket list for sure and without the help of RBC and Lincoln Motor company non of us would be checking it off.

The event was first class from start to finish, the amazing golf courses, rooms, reception dinner, and final banquet dinner is something that I will never forget.  Thanks to the PGA of Canada for organizing everything as well.

 I have to say that that all 3 tournaments that we played in were great fun and that we enjoyed all of the people that we met that represented The Royal Bank, Lincoln and of course the PGA. The courses in Cabot were the best courses that we have played and we have play all over North America. The whole experience was top notch and all of the people involved should be commended for a wonderful time.

This was an amazing experience from the very first day in May when our PGA Professional mentioned it to us. Our PGA Professional golfed approximately 3-4 holes with us on a Saturday afternoon and was telling us about the RBC Scramble. We immediately started planning our team and the RBC Scramble was focus for the golf season. Every longer putt we made through the whole summer was referred to as the “RBC putt”. And the excitement grew as each event approached. We were thrilled to have advanced to Wildfire and ecstatic when we earned the opportunity to go to Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs. Indeed a “someday” experience! And the excitement wasn’t just for us but also for members at our club and even our non-golfing friends as they shared the anticipation with us. A few specific highlights include:

The greeting at the moment the bus arrived at Cabot to the waves of good-bye as we departed. To the exceptional golf experience. Cabot was amazing, the views spectacular, the environment challenging and an incredible learning experience. I learned so much about golfing in different experiences, I learned alot about putting!— what a wonderful experience to golf four rounds of golf (Wildfire and Cabot) with a couple of excellent golfers and in particular our PGA of Canada Professional — in a competitive environment. So very appreciative of the grass-roots focus and that the opportunity wasn’t targeted just at the exceptional golfers. I loved the fact of a limit of two scratch golfers and a minimum handicap for the team. The receptions and banquets were delightful and exceeded all expectations.The approach-ability of the staff at Cabot, the PGA representatives and most especially the RBC and Lincoln representatives. They were always encouraging and willing to chat. It was a competition but also a collaborative, encouraging environment to promote sportsmanship and golf. Words cannot express how amazing the RBC PGA Scramble has been and I am excited to see it grow (even if that means it will make it more difficult to qualify next year).

Thank you again for an incredible and inspiring experience.