RBC National Leaderboard

The RBC PGA Scramble presented by The Lincoln Motor Company is a great way to get and experience some of Canada’s best golf courses and entertain clients while promoting the RBC brand to all of the participants.

Please click here for a sample of the RBC internal team competition rules sheet for local qualifiers.

Please click the appropriate link below to see how your team stands against all of the other RBC teams within your region.



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RBC Leaderboard – BC West

RBC Leaderboard – BC East

RBC Leaderboard – Alberta North

RBC Leaderboard – Alberta South

RBC Leaderboard – Saskatchewan

RBC Leaderboard – Manitoba

RBC Leaderboard – Greater Toronto Region

RBC Leaderboard – Southwest Ontario

RBC Leaderboard – Ontario North East

Tableau de classement de RBC – Québec

RBC Leaderboard – Atlantic